We believe that every horse crazy child should have access to a pony to ride and love. My older children, Jamie, Mike and Bill, had ponies when they were little, but never quite got the "horse bug."   So, when I learned at 41 years of age that another baby was on the way, I vowed not to push the "pony" thing on our little girl.  The day I learned that Cait was on her way, I quit my job as a mounted patrol officer and put my horses for sale (I figured that, at my age, the risk of riding during pregnancy was too great). Our Quarter Horses didn't sell right way and became pasture ornaments. Cait arrived.  She was barely 9 months old the first time she pulled herself up to the windowsill to see our horses outside. Yes, a bit later Cait spoke her first word:  "horsey." Before Cait was 2 years old, she was asking for a pony! That was the start of Keepsake Ponies!

For Caitlin's 2nd birthday, we bought her Pooh Pony, a 5 year old Shetland gelding. Pooh had been a carousel pony and only knew how to go around in a circle on a lead. He had to learn to wear a bridle, so we trained him to drive. Cait had a lot of fun learning about ponies with Pooh Pony, but after a year or two, she was a bit bored and asked for a "real" horsey. On her 4th birthday, we presented her with her first Morgan mare, Aspenglow's Sakura...(that is a whole other story...and the beginning of our love affair with the Morgan horse)! Cait recently celebrated her 9th birthday and still loves to ride and drive Pooh Pony!

Pooh Pony is also available for Kinder-Kid's Lead Line Riding Lessons. We also have wonderful Morgan lesson horses. To learn more about our riding lessons, visit our Keepsake Kids' page.
Pooh Pony would love to come to your child's birthday party! Chose an Old Tyme Cart Ride or Western Riding! To Book-A-Pony Party, visit our Pony Parties page!
Two year old Caitlin on Pooh Pony!

I've heard it said that one must be careful for what one prays! Oh, this is SO true! While my oldest three kids do not share my equine passion, I am ecstatic that Cait does...a prayer answered! Then the grandkids started arriving! Uh, oh! Jamie has 3 beautiful little girls:  Kelsey, Madison, and Haley. You guessed it:  each one has the "horsey bug!"   

Kelsey was only 4 when she told me she wanted a palomino pony. I located the perfect pony in Tennessee, a palomino Shetland mare that was in foal. I contacted the seller, negotiated, and said I wanted to think about it overnight. When I called back to make the deal, the pony was no longer available! She had been sold in less than 24 hours! What was I going to do?  I had already told Kelsey that I found the perfect pony for her and it was going to have a baby! Back to WebPony!  Luck of the Irish:  I found a palomino Shetland mare with a one month old filly at her side.! I bought the mare over the phone and headed to Topeka, Kansas! Since I was already headed to Columbia, MO for the U.P.H.A. Chapter 5 Show, Kansas wasn't that much further!

Graham Crackers and Honey Graham, Crackers' month old filly, arrived at Keepsake Stables in May 2005. Each of the grandkids now had a pony (except for Haley, who was still an infant). We shared photos of our new ponies and Laura Behning quickly pointed out to us that our ponies were not palominos as they had been advertised.  Rather our ponies are Silver Dapple. Since Laura's astute observation, I have become a student of color genetics of both horses and cats. I am fascinated by this science. To learn about equine color genetics, visit Laura Hornick Behning's Silver Dapple Project or Morgan Colors web sites.

Like Cait, Kelsey also wanted a bigger pony, so we decided to breed Graham Crackers to Renee Page's World Champion Morgan Thunderbay! On May 26, 2007, Graham Crackers foaled Ritz, our first Morgan-Shetland pony! Puttin' On The Ritz does just that with her "I'm It" attitude acquired from her sire.   Thrilled with Ritz, we repeated the breeding to Thunderbay. May 2008, Crackers foaled S'mores-another Silver Dapple Filly! Crackers is 3 for 3...all silver dapple fillies! When another grandchild comes along, Thunderbay may just have another date with Graham Crackers!

Far Left: S'mores (May 2008)

Center: Graham Crackers & Honey Graham (May 2005)

Right: Graham Crackers & Ritz
(May 2007)